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Breaking the silence on mental health with So Let's Talk

Breaking the silence on mental health with So Let's Talk

24 Peaks in 24 Hours: Summer 2021

In 2020, Extract's Jack climbed 10 peaks in 10 hours with So Let's Talk raising funds and awareness of hospitality's mental health crisis.

This year, Jen dusted off her walking boots to take part in this year's So Let's Talk fundraiser, breaking the silence on mental health in hospitality and tackling an epic 24 peaks in just 24 hours. 

Amazing work Jen, this challenge was just immense! We are so proud of you. 

Some words from Extract's Jen: 

Now that I’m all rested and recovered, time for some reflection on this challenge. What a dream it was, I cannot express how physically and mentally demanding climbing 24 peaks in 24 hours is.

I almost quit a few times if it weren’t for the people around me truly believing I could do it. Such a solid crew. Thank you Extract Coffee and So Let's Talk for this incredible opportunity.

Thanks to everyone who has sent words of encouragement or donations. Having been in the hospitality industry for 10+ years this organisation and cause means so much to me.

I feel grateful to be healthy enough to stand at the top of a mountain, take in a deep breath and feel completely proud of how far I’ve come. Was super honoured to be surrounded by others who have had their fair share of battles in the industry and are lifting each other up to be better, happier humans.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, if you feel inclined to donate, the donations link is here.

Much love


Well, quite a lot actually. It's estimated that 1 in 2 people working in hospitality face problems with their mental health. Late nights, unsociable hours, high stress environments all take their toll. 

So Let's Talk Founder, Patrick Howley, shares a little insight:

“There was a study published in 2015 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in the US, and it showed that the hospitality industry has the highest use of illegal drugs of any sector, more than double the average. 

And it’s on the increase. In the same study, only Heavy Mining and Construction had higher rates of excessive alcohol consumption. Similar studies have been conducted in Australia & the UK and found similar stats.”

So Let's Talk deliver mental health training within the industry and they base their training around 4 pillars.

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Connect
  • Sweat

SECS is the four pillars of the healthy hospitality model. This isn’t a guide to make you invincible, or immune to sickness, but focusing on these 4 will help keep you in good health as much as possible.

There are loads of great resources on the So Let's Talk website, so if you're in the industry and looking for support, or, if you'd just like to know more. We'd recommend checking them out.