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    1. Easter Order Deadlines

      Easter Order Deadlines

      Need some coffee delivered in time for Easter Weekend? Here are our order deadlines for Easter 2024.The roastery and our delivery partners will be closed from 29 March to 02 April 2024 for Eas…
    2. Last Order Dates for Christmas Coffee Delivery

      Last Order Dates for Christmas Coffee Delivery

      Need coffee in time for Christmas? To ensure you have the right amount of coffee for Christmas, we recommend placing your order by Sunday 17th December this year. Read more about the Christmas or…
    3. Extract Loves The Barista League UK

      Extract Loves The Barista League UK

      We were delighted to host the UK stage of the global competition, The Barista League, at our Bristol Roastery in St Werburghs on 9th September 2023. A huge thank you to everyone who attended.…
    4. Some new shipping options

      Some new shipping options

      You might have noticed that we've been trialling some different shipping options at checkout over the past few weeks. There have been a few changes, so we wanted to share an explanation into some of…
    5. 4 highlights from

      4 highlights from

      We've been working to make coffee a little bit better online as well as in real life. This week, we're stoked to have launched a brand new website which aims to make buying coffee a little bit…