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​Donating skateboards to Ethiopia with our Kickflip Espresso

​Donating skateboards to Ethiopia with our Kickflip Espresso

Extract Coffee Roasters co-founder, Dave, discovered Ethiopia Skate by chance, and it turned out to be a match made in halfpipe heaven. A grassroots skateboard movement which provides children in Ethiopia with boards donated by skaters, Ethiopia Skate has built Ethiopia’s only two free skate parks. We knew immediately that our Kickflip espresso was a great vehicle to share our passion for skating with young skaters from this coffee-growing nation.

“When I was a kid in South Africa, the real angst of someone having a go on my board was agonising… especially my brother! When I came across Ethiopia Skate and saw a photo of groups of kids sharing a single board, my own childhood skating memories came flooding back.

I have at least three spare boards at home – donating them is an easy way to share my passion and have a positive impact on these kids lives.” - David Faulkner, Co-Founder, Extract Coffee Roasters

Kickflip espresso coffee

A banging Ethiopian espresso is a beautiful thing. We love Ethiopian coffees for their complexity, their ability to surprise and delight, and Ethiopia’s reputation for producing some of the world’s finest and most exciting coffees is well earned. Our Kickflip espresso is a celebration of everything we love about Ethiopian coffee.

Kickflip is a joyous explosion of sparkling citrus notes, apple crumble and candied fennel sweetness. Bright, bold flavours that are playful, daring, and straight-up delicious - the same things about skating and old-skool Santa Cruz and Vision boards.

A deck amnesty

We pooled together our spare boards and invited our friends, partners and customers to do the same. Then we looped in Bristol skate park Campus [link to Campus website here] to help us orchestrate the amnesty and spread the world through the local skating community. Our goal was to send 100 boards to Ethiopia, and managed to send xxx. [Put here how many boards Extract sent]

“We are happy to announce that Extract Coffee in the UK has found us and they are here to join our mission for skateboarding in Ethiopia. We are stoked to welcome Extract Coffee to our special list of friends. Thank you on behalf of Ethiopia Skate and our community.” - Ethiopia Skate