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Category: Brew Equipment

A collection of things we love, things we do and people who inspire us.

Aeropress – Brew Guide

In this brew guide we're going to talk you through the inverted method which gives a longer drink - more similar to a cafetiere or filter brew, than a short dark shot of espresso. It's quick, easy and delicious. Read more

V60 – Brew Guide

The V60, or pourover, is a beautifully simple way to brew at home. This is the basic framework to follow as you start out, but once you are comfortable start experimenting to make your perfect coffee. Read more

Home Barista Workshops

As the days gradually start to warm up, it’s time to invite you back into the roastery. At the beginning of the month, we hosted our first Home Barista Workshop of the spring / summer season. The full day course aims to help home brewers and coffee lovers to have a more well rounded view of... Read more

Impress Coffee Brewer from Blank Box Coffee

Having worked with Blank Box Coffee in the past in order to showcase some of our new coffees, we were really excited by the latest addition to their coffee geek-dom – the Impress Brewer. It works similarly to a cafetiere, in that it incorporates full submersion of the coffee grounds with a plunging mechanism. No... Read more

San Remo – Zoe

ZOE, THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK… Following a 3 day visit to SAN REMO HQ in Treviso, Italy by Marc Richards, an ECR Director, our resident machine expert introduces the new ZOE by way of a few simple facts: Name: ZOE Designer: Carlo De Sordi Made by: Sanremo S.R.L. Location: Treviso, Italy Groups: 2,... Read more

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