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Category: Brew Guides

A collection of things we love, things we do and people who inspire us.

Chemex Brew Guide

The Chemex. An elegant, timeless brew method to make your filter coffees sing. Watch our video and follow these 4 simple steps for a better Chemex brew.
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Cafetiere – Brew Guide

French Press, Cafetiere, ‘Plunger’. Whatever you call it, this beautifully simple brewing method is a staple in most homes. Its merits are in its simplicity. As a ‘full emersion’ brewing style, you get big, bold flavours in every cup and the secret is not to overcomplicate things. Read more

Iced Coffees 3 ways

3 incredibly easy iced coffee recipes to satiate a caffeine craving on the hottest of days. Grab your sunnies and get a brew on. 😎 Read more

Aeropress – Brew Guide

In this brew guide we're going to talk you through the inverted method which gives a longer drink - more similar to a cafetiere or filter brew, than a short dark shot of espresso. It's quick, easy and delicious. Read more

Slow coffee… a more mindful brew

The whirr of the grinder. The smell of the brew. It's not just the caffeine, the very process of making yourself a coffee awakens the senses. Give yourself a more mindful brew with this simple mindfulness exercise. Read more

Golden Rules for a better brew at home

Are you brewing at home? There are few things more satisfying than the ritual of making the perfect cup of coffee from grinding the beans through to pouring the finished cup. Our Golden Rules are a great place to get into good habits and the beginning of some brewing know-how straight out of the Extract Coffee Roastery. Read more

V60 – Brew Guide

The V60, or pourover, is a beautifully simple way to brew at home. This is the basic framework to follow as you start out, but once you are comfortable start experimenting to make your perfect coffee. Read more

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