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Cauvery Peak Coffee Estate

Arabica Coffee Cherries on Cauvery Peak India

Arabica coffee cherries before sorting at Cauvery Peak

Cauvery Peak: Indian Speciality Coffee

India isn’t yet well known for its speciality Arabica coffee but we’re hoping that our work with this incredible farm will help to introduce Indian speciality coffee to coffee drinkers who haven’t tried it before.

Our Co-founder, Dave, travelled to Southern India in 2019 to visit Cauvery Peak and meet owner Ramraj Ramesh. We love the coffee from Cauvery Peak so much that it’s now a staple part of our house blend, Extract Original and Cauvery Peak Espresso makes a regular appearance on rotating list of single origin coffees.

Meet Ramraj Ramesh

Cauvery Peak coffee estate has been in Mr Ramesh’s family for more than 70 years.

Mr Ramesh has invested heavily in environmental conservation, coffee quality and worker welfare for decades. We were lucky enough to see these projects first-hand when we visited the farm.

Dave Extract Coffee Roasters & Ramraj Ramesh Cauvery Peak India

Dave with Ramraj Ramesh at Cauvery Peak

Indian coffee pickers Cauvery Peak speciality coffee

Most of the coffee pickers are women, seen as more skilled and reliable


The women who pick for Cauvery Peak are provided housing, fuel and transport to and from the farm. Their children receive free education and school milk.

It is not unusual in agricultural communities for children to work to support their family. The worker welfare measures My Ramraj has in place operate as a real incentive for parents to ensure children stay in school.


Cauvery Peak is known for its incredible environmental practices. It is UTZ certified and photos of the estate are often used by the Indian Government to advertise the bordering nature reserve.

Cauvery Peak is nestled in the Northern Ridge of Shevaroy Hills in the Eastern Ghats, India. The coffee is shade-grown to promote biodiversity and follow sustainable agricultural methods.

Shade grown indian coffee - arabica - extract coffee roasters

Coffee cherries, all of the coffee is shade-grown

Indian Speciality Arabica Coffee Drying - Dave Extract Coffee Roasters

Coffee drying on the patio, and Dave from Extract Coffee Roasters

Indian Speciality Coffee

India is an emerging market for speciality arabica coffee. Whilst traditionally India has been a tea-drinking nation, coffee consumption is growing rapidly with speciality coffee shops popping up as part of an emerging speciality coffee culture.

Cauvery Peak produces some of the finest speciality coffee in India. Carefully hand-picked, the coffee is wet-processed using natural fermentation, double washed and sun-dried on patios.


You can buy Extract Original, limited edition coffees from Cauvery Peak and more coffees from Asia on our website.

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Farm: Cauvery Peak
Owners: Ramraj Ramesh
Varietals: S795
Processes: Fully-washed & Sun-dried
Altitude: 1600 metres above sea level
Region: Shevaroys Hills, Salem, Tamil Nadu State
Country: India
Certifications: UTZ
Working with Extract since: 2019
Extract Coffee Roasters Indian Speciality Coffee Cauvery Peak Biodiversity Coffee Farming
Extract Coffee Roasters Indian Speciality Coffee Cauvery Peak Shade Grown Coffee
Extract Coffee Roasters Indian Speciality Coffee Cauvery Peak Coffee Cherries