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Monte Rosa Coffee Farm

Natural Forest Coffee Farm Monte Rosa Guatemala

Monte Rosa, Sustainable Guatemalan Coffee

Monte Rosa is a rainforest alliance certified farm in Guatemala, part of the wider Nueva Granada Estate and an incredible example of coffee farming with conservation at its heart.

Extract started working with Monte Rosa in 2015 when we first developed our Cast Iron Espresso and we’ve been working with this estate ever since.

Shade-Grown Coffee AND Biodiversity

The coffee on this estate is shade-grown under macadamia nut trees. The shade protects the plants from the sun and the soil is enriched with leaves as they fall and rot down - great for growing speciality coffee.

This approach enables biodiversity across the farm. The farm is a sanctuary for migrating birds and wildlife with wildlife corridors where the vegetation is left to grow wild. The estate has planted 45,000 new trees since becoming Rainforest Alliance certified.

Shade Grown Coffee Biodiversity
Shade grown coffee biodiversity

Organic coffee compost

The farm makes its own organic fertiliser from the pulp of coffee cherries and composted macadamia nutshells. Leaf litter from the shading trees is left to compost down - all adding nutrients back into the soil.

The estate’s ecological mill uses 80% less water for processing coffee. Water left from pulping and washing is used for irrigation around the farm.

Socially responsible coffee

Monte Rosa is not only ecologically responsible, they are also a shining light of social responsibility too.

An onsite primary school for the children of its resident workers complete with a computer suite and lessons in IT literacy is available for both children and adults. There’s also an onsite health clinic providing health care, medicines and vaccines for workers and their families.

Buy coffee from Monte Rosa

You can buy coffee from the Nueva Granada Estate when you buy our Cast Iron espresso.

This is our darkest coffee, roasted a little longer to allow the natural sugars to caramelise and designed to be enjoyed with milk and alt-mylks.



Farm: Nueva Granada estate
Varietals: Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon
Processes: Washed
Altitude: 1400-1700 metres
Region: San Marcos
Country: Guatemala
Environmental Conservation: Rainforest Alliance, Protected waterways, Protected natural forest, 45,000 new trees planted, econological mills to preserve water, natural and organic compost and fertiliser
Working with Extract since: 2015