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We are huge fans of the Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Brewer. This easy to use filter coffee machine is a great addition for anyone looking for an easy and hassle-free way to brew delicious filter coffee at home or even in the office.

Our Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Brewers come in a sleek-silver.


Incredible quality coffee
Designed with speciality coffee in mind, the Wilfa Classic+ Coffee Brewer is great for more delicate filter coffees.

Easy to use coffee machine
So easy! Weigh out your ground coffee, add water, hit the button and wait for the brew. You’ll have a delicious coffee waiting for you in under 5 minutes.

It’s a good looking coffee machine!
Design of the Wilfa+ Classic Coffee Brewer is super sleek. It’s got a small footprint so won’t take up too much space and looks great.

Perfect water temperature for coffee – The coffee brewer is designed to reach perfect coffee-brewing temperature (92-96 degrees C). This temperature extracts all of the delicious coffee flavours without burning or scorching your grounds.

Coffee machine cleaning indicator
A clean coffee machine is a must for delicious tasting speciality coffee. The cleaning indicator light on the Wilda Classic+ Coffee Brewer flashes when your machine is due a clean.

Filtropa Dripper papers
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Product Features

1 litre tank
Weight: 2.88 kg
1500 watts of power
Detachable filter element
Manual drip tray – no more coffee spills!
Flow control with adjustable extraction time – perfect for speciality coffee
Automatic cleaning reminder. Cleaner machines = tastier coffee
Automatic turn off after 40 minutes – power efficient
Hot plate with self- resistor
Approved by European Brewing Centre
EU two pin plug (adaptor provided)



We are not offering a click and collect service from the roastery at the moment. We hope to reintroduce this in 2021.


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We want to make sure that your coffee arrives at peak freshness, ready to drink and enjoy.

Coffee will be packed 2 working days after placing your order and shipped the following day. So you you should receive it 3-5 working days after your order.

Orders to the channel islands will arrive 3-7 days after ordering.

Espresso-roast coffees are at their best after being rested for a few days, so you might notice a slightly longer roast date on an espresso coffee when it arrives. This doesn’t mean your coffee is old, it just means that it’s ready!

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