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Extract Dark Hot Chocolate - Vegan Society Approved - 1kg
Rainforest Alliance Cocoa (32%), Fairtrade Sugar
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Approved by The Vegan Society, Approved by The Vegetarian Society, GMO Free

Save the planet – it’s the only one with chocolate! After a considerable number of requests, we’re stoked to offer you our incredible Dark Hot Chocolate for you to enjoy at home. Available in 1kg bags, this delicious vegan hot chocolate is made using Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and Fairtrade sugar.

Approved by the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society, it tastes fantastic with both dairy and alternative milks. Making a warming, dark hot chocolate is simple. Add one scoop (about 28g) of chocolate powder with a splash of hot milk into a cup and mix into a paste. Then top with your choice of hot milk and serve.

Looking for a dark chocolate mocha? Mix one scoop into a paste with a double shot of espresso. The top with warm milk. Delicious.

Extract Dark Hot Chocolate

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