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Lord Dunford UKBC 2012 Espresso



…Tamp in hand, Sam Dunford, AKA LORD DUNFORD our lead barista trainer wanted to rock up and give it his best shot at the 2012 UK Barista Champs held at this years London Coffee Festival. That he did reaching the semi finals with this 2 bean blend created with David Faulkner and THE PROF!

With THE PROF we enjoy the whole process of small batch test roasting, cupping and selecting the ones we really like. It’s pretty cool creating some top drawer espresso blends and even cooler when you roast a small amount to share with like minded coffee peeps…

We are pretty stoked that LORD DUNFORD is proving popular and so we’re roasting 110 kilos over the coming weeks, always to order and available online or for use as a guest espresso in your coffee biz…

Sam has no idea we posted this and we reckon he’s going to belly chuckle for a while when he see’s it!


Lord Dunford:

50% Alto del Obispo, Various small farms in Alto del Obispo, Caturra & Typica, Washed and sun dried on patios.

50% Finca Valentin, Colonia Loayza, Caranavi Yungas, Valentin Choquehuanca, Organic Certified Typica, Caturra, Fully Washed/Machine Dried

In the cup: Butterscotch sweetness and ripe cherry finish.

*********************************SOLD OUT***********************************

Will it be Lord Dunford 2013……..

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