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Freshly Roasted & Out the Door

Great beans can become amazing coffee. But not without a little help along the way. We roast and dispatch our coffee so it arrives fresh, we provide training so it can be served well, and we help with the right kit to make it all work. Perhaps most importantly, we provide education and support. The roastery doors are open, and this is where the adventure really begins…





You can’t make good coffee without good, well maintained machinery. Just like you can’t make good coffee without good baristas. We provide full service espresso machine support and engineering, including installation, aftercare, servicing, repairs and PSSR certificates.

Our dedicated department of barista qualified engineers road test every machine in the market and are on hand to ensure you have the right equipment for your needs.

Skilled, passionate baristas are an integral part of great coffee making. We work with every customer to define the right training programme for you.

Away from the intensity of the café, restaurant or bar, it’s time to slow down, hone skills, and up your game! Bringing baristas to our roastery and training centres, and closer to the coffee itself, creating enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to produce better coffee.

Our power up sessions are short, sharp and laser focussed on specific aspects of hot drinks service. These are delivered at your site which allow for further practice and coaching in a real-life setting.

For baristas who want to go all the way, we offer accredited SCA training for barista skills, brewing and sensory from foundation through to professional level.

There’s more to delivering an incredible hot drinks offer than just the coffee. An ethically sourced tea range, top notch hot chocolates and a mouth watering seasonal drinks menu are also a must.

Our team are experts in making the business of coffee a success and can work with you to develop a menu of artisan drinks to wow your customers cup after cup.

Coffee is all about everyone in the chain doing their bit; from farmer’s crop to customer’s cup.

We make it our aim to build relationships with everyone in this chain. As a café owner, manager or barista, the final stage of this immense process lies with you. You carry the responsibility to do justice to the picker, the farmer, the roaster and of course the product itself.

Through training & support we can give you all the tools you need to make this a reality. In building a partnership with you, we look to ensure our coffee is served at its absolute best. Every cup. Every time.

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