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Dr. Strangelove


Dr Strangelove Espresso is still winning space in portafilters up and down the country and is a firm favourite of everyone in the roastery.

We were all happy chaps to see the Dr win a slot in the ShortList mag ‘Future of Coffee’ article by Howard Calvert with some of our best coffee friends listed in ‘The UK’s Hippest Coffee Bars’ piece who use the Dr Strangelove blend.

2 years ago, head roaster David’s ‘uncontrollable’ hand first set out to cup, taste and create a two lot seasonal espresso that is bolder, more daring and fruitier in the cup, excellent as espresso and nicely balanced in milk drinks too.

We love the ‘changing’ personality. of this coffee and so David has created this 50/50 blend of Fazenda Rodomunho, a pulped natural grown by the Carvalho Dias and Ottoni families in the Alto Paranaíba part of Minas Gerais’ Cerrado region, Brazil and Finca San Francisco, fully washed and sun-dried by Eduardo Rodriguez Escoto of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua.

Dr Strangelove is always roasted whilst wearing the trademark glasses and so let us roast you some here

Enjoy and thanks for your support..

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