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Dr Strangelove has flavours of dark chocolate, maple syrup sweetness and cherry-liqueur fruitiness.

In the Cup

Dried Mango, Garibaldi Biscuits, Candied Almonds

Pulped Natural
Pocos De Caldas, Brazil
Drinking Guide:
Super versatile. Enjoy black or with milk. Great in a cafetiere.
The Good Stuff:
Protecting natural forest, additional worker benefits

Last chance to try Strangelove 2021. New crop lands 04 July.

Each year we select a single origin coffee to become Dr Strangelove espresso. For 2021/2022 we selected a delicious pulped natural coffee from Brazil.

There's still time to try our 2021/2022 Dr Strangelove Espresso - if you're quick! The new crop of Dr Strangelove lands on 04 July 2022. We can't wait for you to try it!

About the Coffee

Stop worrying and love the brew has become a mantra for Dr Strangelove. Each year we look for an accessible speciality coffee which will taste great with milk and without to be enjoyed by coffee novices and connoisseurs alike.

Our 2021 Dr Strangelove coffee is a daring and delicious natural-process Brazilian coffee. We taste tropical dried fruits, garibaldi biscuits & those decadently sticky, candied German almonds!

We recommend a brew ratio of 1:2 for espresso, but this coffee is super flexible and lends itself to lots of different brewing methods. It would definitely start any day off on the right footing as a no-fuss brew in a cafetiere.

Meet the Farmers

The beans come to us from the Fazenda Barreiro coffee estate in Brazil which has been in Francisco Otávio Lotufo’s family since 1820.

Over the past 30 years, Francisco and his family combined their coffee-growing roots with a commitment to environmentally & socially responsible farming. The family is dedicated to preserving the farm’s woods, water sources, native birds and animals, and supports 30 families of employees who live on the farm.

This exciting coffee goes through quite the process…

Ripe coffee cherries are picked and transported the same day to a wet mill where they are washed and sorted. The skins are removed leaving the sticky flesh of the cherries intact, the pulped cherries spend three days on a concrete drying patio and are turned more than 15 times a day.

After three days the coffee is slowly dried for a further three days on suspended covered terraces. On the seventh day, it is placed in rotary driers until the moisture content reaches 11%. Finally, the bins are milled to remove the dried flesh of the cherry then graded and sent to us for roasting!

It’s this intense process that gives the coffee the sticky-sweet fruit flavours of dried mango and currants that we love.

Meet the Roasters

Dr Strangelove is always roasted on Bertha, a 30 year old 120kg Probat coffee roaster which we rescued from Bosnia in 2012.

When we found Bertha she was completely decommissioned, a pile of parts destined for scrap. Over four years we rebuilt this machine, retro-fitting an afterburner to eliminate VOCs from it’s emissions and drastically improving fuel efficiency. Today, Bertha runs on just 40% of her original fuel consumption - a beautiful and efficient machine.

Dr. Strangelove

Last chance to try this year's Dr Strangelove. 2022 crop lands 04 July

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How to brew Dr. Strangelove

Super versatile. Enjoy black or with milk. Great in a cafetiere.

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