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Dr Strangelove


‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the brew….’

With Dr. Strangelove, its never been about ‘horsing around’, this espresso always packs a punch. This week sees a new blend take the doctor in a different direction: the daring fruitiness remains, courtesy of the uniquely processed Colombian Veracruz, alongside a new sweet – chocolate dimension brought by the Indonesian Gegarang.

We’ve been profiling the blend with the help of another new addition to the roastery, a La Marzocco Strada espresso machine. Its been mind blowing working with limitless variables, whilst trying to wrestle the Doctor into the perfect shot. But the results have been well worth it. Beginning with an 18.5g dose, a long pre infusion (if possible), and a 26-28 sec shot, we’ve uncovered sticky sweet cherry compote and chocolate bourbon biscuits. I would’ve likened it to black forest gateau, if I didn’t dislike it quite so much (the cake that is!)

I’ve always found brewing espresso style coffee at home frustrating. With a tight budget and little time, I’ve relied more on filter style coffees and brew methods. However, I really wanted to play around with the Strangelove, and it seemed too good a coffee to confine to the porter filter. Enter my new brewing best friend – the Aero-press.

The Aero-press was originally invented to produce espresso style coffee without an espresso machine, but you will mostly see it used to brew filter coffee. In North America, it is often still used to brew a very short concentrated shot, that is often diluted to create something between a filter coffee and americano. I’ve played around with a few recipes of this style, and have come up with something that I think works well. It understandably doesn’t have the same textures and appearances as the espresso, but carries all the intensity of the Doctor’s signature flavours.

Begin with a dose of 17g finely ground Strangelove (if you order ground coffee from our online shop – the espresso grind will work well). Assemble the Aeropress with the wider tube sitting on top of the smaller, with the end of the rubber seal touching the bottom of the number 4. The numbers should be upside down on both tubes. RINSE THE FILTER. You can also preheat your cup and the Aeropress itself, (especially if you want to sip and mull over the dimensions of the coffee, whilst dropping an email to Ashlee to let us know your thoughts???) Place the grounds in the bottom of the wider chamber. Set the timer to 30 seconds, and pour 50ml of water (just off the boil) over the grounds. Stir for a few seconds, then pour another 50ml of water. Attach the filter to the top of the wider chamber. When your timer goes off flip the Aeropress and plunge the contents into a cup or vessel of some kind. Dilute to taste if you wish. This method should give you those top notes of intense fruitiness and a sweet smack in the mouth – the quintessential Strangelove.

If you really want to have some fun (fun might be pushing it for some), try out the Strangelove espresso alongside its component single origins that are also available from the Extract shop. The blend is made up of the Colombian Veracruz (60%), and the Sumatran Gegarang (40%). Its interesting to see how the notes of each are complimented in the blend.

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