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Unkle Funka 2013


UNKLE FUNKA – 60% El Salvador Buena Vista, 40% Honduras Finca el Chollo

Re-introducing our signature summer espresso… Last year saw the Indonesian Wahana coffee take to the stage. This year we’re upping our game, still in keeping with a natural fruity funk from the new Buena Vista, this time blending with a washed coffee that provides a sparkly sweet balance. It’s been a month or so in the making, and the journey from cupping bowl to espresso cup has tested our blending and barista-ing skills… so we’re pretty pleased to be dusting off the dancing shoes, and enjoying funk in the cup coffee that’s back to bust a groove.

Selecting coffees from the cupping table can be a hard task, inevitably the coffee you tasted on a table of ten bowls in June, becomes a different coffee when you’re roasting in batches 10x the size, on a different roaster, brewing through a filter, alongside no other coffees, six weeks down the line. All this, before you even consider espresso roast profiles and blending! When picking out a coffee that will work as an espresso, its important to look for brightness, body, sweetness and plenty of acidity. The complexity of these components make for a coffee that can stand up against roasting, fine grinding, high temperatures and plenty of pressure. All this we found in bucket loads in the Buena Vista.

However, the fermented fruitiness of the Buena Vista, needed balance. We cupped a lot of coffees before we found the El Chollo, but when we did, it was a firm favourite with everyone at the roastery. [We are currently experimenting with how the El Chollo works as a single origin espresso – watch this space!] The next task was to blend the two coffees in different ratios, rest, and pull A LOT of shots. After a few days of feeling fairly giddy, we worked our way to the optimum combination of 60% Buena Vista and 40% El Chollo.

The Unkle’s new groove is an explosion of summer fruits, sweetness and sharp acidity. As an espresso, boiled sweets, cherryade and summer cocktails come to mind . Whilst mellowed in milk, this coffee becomes an afternoon tea of summer pudding or fruit scones with jam and cream.

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