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Extract Coffee Roasters - 250g Funka Espresso Bag - Product

In the Cup

Lemon Sherbert, Orange Blossom & Pink Marshmallows

Finca El Pedrero & Finca El Chollo, Honduras
Ihcafe 90 & Red Catuai
Anaerobic Natural & Natural
Drinking Guide:
18g in and 38g out, in 30-35 seconds

It’s time to celebrate the sunshine with our fun and funky summer espresso, Funka

Featuring two distinct and extraordinary coffees, this year's Funka espresso is not one to be missed.

From the lush landscapes of Honduras, the combination of a natural and anaerobic processed coffee brings huge amounts of vibrancy to the cup.

Want to get funky with us?

The CONEXH cooperative was established in 2021 with the vision of leading the speciality green supply chain in Honduras.

Headed up by Carlos Mejia, also known as Chollo, CONEXH oversees the entire coffee production process and has built strong relationships with local farmers, dedicating time to farm care and bean quality.

Finca el Pedrero

Exactly what you want from an anaerobic coffee.

Amongst the fertile soils of Montecillos Sierra, you’ll find Finca El Pedrero, a farm combining tradition with modern innovation to produce exceptional coffee. Coffee cherries are picked and then placed in fermentation tanks for 2-3 days, where they undergo a controlled transformation, unlocking the deep complex flavours. The beans are then sundried for 10-12 days, further enhancing their complexity and depth.

Finca el Chollo

Owned by Carlos Mejia, the driving force behind the CONEXH cooperative, the farm produces a distinct natural coffee, leaving the cherries to grow for 12-15 days to allow the flavours to ferment. Expect fruity, bright and a cup full of summer-zesty fun.

The result of these two coffees is an exquisite espresso with notes of zingy lemon sherbet with a touch of delicate orange blossom. Once milk gets added it turns into pink marshmallowey sweetness.


Time to get funky!

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How to brew Funka

18g in and 38g out, in 30-35 seconds

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