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Unkle Funka Espresso


Our favourite Unkle is home! Fresh from a long vacation across the pond in Central America, sourcing new coffees, training the Costa Rican football team into World Cup stars (too soon to make jokes??), and pulling some sweet shapes as he goes.

His showcase espresso this year goes to the seasonal, summery & superb Sonora coffee from the foot of the world renowned Poas Volcano in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Here, the Guardia family farm 45 hectares of highly shaded coffee trees on their 100 hectare farm alongside sugar cane plantations and 35 hectares of wild forest reserve. The coffee is surrounded by rich vegetation and exotic wildlife that adds to the biodiversity and soil quality – which in turn improves the chemical makeup of the coffee bean!

The farm is also home to its own Micro Coffee Mill where coffees are processed using Natural and Honey methods. Both, unlike washed coffees, use comparatively little water – up to around 20L per kg less! Processing on the farm itself enables better consistency of the bean, and removes one of the many stages coffee undergoes to get into your cup.

The Sonora farm is also committed to environmental sustainability and fair treatment of workers. The farm itself is 100% energy efficient – all the energy consumed by the farm is produced by the farm. This green energy is harvested from a nearby stream & turbine known as a Pelton Wheel. In addition, the farm provides free accommodation for all workers and their families, including – water, waste disposal, health insurance and electricity provided by the turbine.

Unkle Funka’s new find is doing all kinds of good for the coffee industry – from a farm in rural Costa Rica to us here, in a small coffee roasters in Bristol, and finally to our customers and into their cups! In some ways this is a typical natural coffee in terms of its floral strawberry sweetness, booziness and good body, but with black tea aromatics and salty finish it becomes a more delicate and complex espresso.

In the cup: Strawberries, Assam & cocoa
W/milk: Milkshakes & marshmallow

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