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Coffee, Donuts & Beer Tasting Event


This concept began life as a spark in the hungry mind of head roaster, David. Having come across the newly established The Big O Donut Co, the idea of a coffee, beer, meat & donut collaboration was only a synapse away. From the purely selfish concept of creating a day that revolves around things we want to eat and drink, comes the first in what we hope will be a series of tasting events…

…And so this first event began with introductions between the founding producers; a sounding board of recipes and pairings, and of course endless beer and donut tasting! So much so, it’s a miracle we could hear each other over the milk steaming, bottle clinking, and trying to talk with our mouths full! And so a menu was born, a 5 course donut tasting menu; with a drink pairing for each course, some designed to mirror the donut flavour, others to contrast. We played around with classic flavours, our bacon and maple breakfast inspiration became 24 hour smoked bbq pork (thank you Spitfire), with a maple glaze. Rhubarb and custard became a rhubarb fool filled donut with further rhubarb from a filter brewed Kenyan coffee. Orange marmalade was paired with an IPA bursting with florals that added depth and accentuated the sharp sweetness of the orange – a perfect palette cleanser. Then came the palette-puncher in the form of a fennel béchamel with crispy ham & parmesan that looked like your typical custard donut – a take on a cheese and ham toastie. Finally was dessert, a vanilla ice-cream filled donut sandwich served alongside a bright boozey espresso shot – our Rocko Mountain Espresso.

It was a great opportunity to meet likeminded gluttons and push the boundaries of coffee pairings. We showcased some of our more adventurous espressos, served filter coffee strictly black, and sipped beer before midday. Bliss.

Huge thanks to Nancy, of The Big O Donut Co, Michael Wiper of Wiper & True, and a welcome savoury addition from Spitfire BBQ. Most of all, well done to all those who made room for a 5 course donut tasting, and who most likely had to spend the rest of the weekend lying down. You are heroes.

Head over to the Avon Gorged blog to read what one of these heroes thought of the experience…

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