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Unkle Funka Espresso – Full On Funk Finds Fresh New Flavour


This year, we have entrusted our Summer Espresso slot to one of our all-time favourite farms – the Wahana Estate in Northern Sumatra. Having revolutionised coffee processing in the region, the estate continues to produce increasingly better coffees, and is one we revisit year after year.

This espresso is delicately roasted to highlight the tropical fruit sweetness, subtle acidity, and rounded biscuit notes. Lychee, pomegranate, kiwi & pineapple combine to make a fruit punch cocktail. Not for the faint of heart, this coffee is as natural as they come.

Ripe coffee cherries are harvested by individual smallholders located in and around the Wahana estate and partially dried before being delivered to the Wahana processing centre for further drying. This achieves more consistent results and gets the beans hulled before the onset of the rainy season. The cherries are left to dry and ferment to give us the classic Unkle Funka flavour profile – lots of fermented cherry notes and booziness to boot. Through milk this coffee softens and becomes vanilla, coconut & cocoa.

In the cup: Lychee & lemon sherbet
W/Milk: Vanilla, coconut & cocoa


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