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Brewing of a different kind with Wiper & True


Big up to Bristol brewers (of a different kind) Wiper & True who invited us in for a brewery tour pre Christmas. A great time had by all and some awesome shots from production roaster Sean - check him out on insta @f.stopper.

Much like us, Wiper & True are a team of tinkerers and experimenters. We loved their respect for quality ingredients and innate curiosity resulting in a unique and interesting selection. We had a blast on our brewery tour and it was great to see some of the parallels between coffee and beer.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Wiper & True on some special edition beers in the past. It’s this sort of playful experimentation which pushes our buttons. Watch this space for more interesting co-labs in the future.

Wiper & True Wort

Wort (essentially beer pre fermentation). Surprising sweet and syrupy to taste.

fermentation tanks at Wiper and True

The Extract team checking out the fermentation tanks.

Wiper & True fermentation tanks

The water tanks where the water or ‘liqor’ is stored and de-chlorinated before being added to the mash tuns. Check out the loading system on the right – a reclaimed & restored livestock loading system.

Wiper & True Casks

Casks waiting for dispatch.

Hops Wiper & True


Wiper & True

Some sweet beer & coffee tasting at the end.

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