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Mo Bros & Mo Sistas



We’ve got 2 bros with sweet mos for Movember. Our Account Managers may have done it slightly differently for maximum hilarity though. Both James and Wes braved the shave and had their face fuzz sheared into very stylish moustaches and will be rocking them all November. They could have grown them from a clean shave, but then there would just be a couple of weeks of maximum moustache. This way we get to marvel at them all month long.

We had the brilliant Stefano come down for our staff launch night who did all the hard work, now we get to admire it.

barber and beard 2 - Peter Hall

barber and beard 1 - Peter Hall

So you like what you see?

Donate to these chaps so they can say they adopted this ridiculous lip fuzz for a reason.

You can donate to Wes HERE

barber and beard 4 - Peter Hall

barber and beard 7 - Peter Hall

Or donate some money to James’ cause HERE

Both equally worthy… Sure they won’t turn it into a competition to see who can raise the most or anything like that…


thomas bolam

strong man lee

There’s always one…or in this case three! The Bolam clan have signed up to Team Extract for Movember and arguably have the best pictures.

What are they going to do for Movember? Who knows, but we suspect it will get the pennies and the pounds rolling in, they are a savvy bunch o’ bros.

Donate to our Sales and Marketing Director Lee Bolam HERE

Or donate to Tom HERE


Claire Movember

Despite her best efforts, Claire won’t be joining the guys on the gro a mo challenge. Instead she’s pledged to be a Mo Sista and move for Movember.

She hates running, so has sensibly decided to run at least 10km per week for all of November. As she’s in charge of all our social media, you can expect regular updates after each run on her Mo Space. We can’t promise they’ll all be chirpy though.

See if she can do it and maybe donate to ease her pain HERE


It’s completely understandable that you can’t choose a mo bro or mo sista to back. If you can’t choose but still want to donate, then you can be diplomatic and back the whole team right HERE.

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