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New look Rocket. Out of this world


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A new year and a new look for one our best-loved and longest standing espressos, Rocket.

We've been roasting Rocket since 2010 but wanted a new look to celebrate it's incredible flavour and sustainable credentials.
Ethically sourced. Perfectly crafted. Out of this world.

Introducing Rocket...

Direct Impact

The relationships we have with the farmers growing the coffees in Rocket help us better connect with the lives and worlds of speciality coffee farmers. We visit their farms each year and work together on projects which have a positive impact on their communities. Direct trade, positive impact.

Some of the most rural growing conditions in the world

One of those relationships is with an organic cooperative of farmers growing 300 plants each on the mountains of Northern Peru. We pay 50 smallholders additional premiums for the remarkable quality of coffee they provide for Rocket. The cooperative provides the equipment (such as a free pulper) and resources needed for farmers to improve coffee quality and realise higher earning potential.

After three years of working together, the farmers we work with are championing a quality pays ethos, mentoring neighbouring farms and we’re seeing the impact ripple across the community.

Colombian pioneers

The second relationship we have is with the pioneering Dorronsoro family in Colombia. We’ve been buying coffee from their farm, La Marianela, for the past seven years. The farm, beautiful and vast, includes a protected waterway and is on a nature reserve. It benefits from optimum altitude and reliable rainfall, producing juicy coffee cherries and unbeatable flavour.

We’ve been working with Hernan and son Paulo to introduce new varietals and processing methods to the farm - combining our knowledge and sharing the risks. New coffee from La Marianela is just landing and tasting incredible.

A Bosnian rescue & restoration

Rocket is roasted on Bertha, the Probat roaster we rescued from Bosnia. Rebuilt by hand and fitted with an afterburner to eliminate VOCs from our emissions.

The restoration of Bertha took an incredible three years to complete and saw the roaster transformed from a decommissioned pile of parts, to the heartbeat of the roastery she is today running more efficiently than when new.

Incredible taste

Rocket is one of our most accessible coffees and for some, is the first taste of the world of speciality coffee. Those with a practised coffee palate will appreciate the individual tasting notes - caramel, cocoa, black cherry and liquorice but for most of us, it simply tastes how good coffee should taste; Lots of body, caramel sweetness and a subtle fruit note.

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Now available to enjoy at home!

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