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Rocket Espresso. Ethically Sourced speciality coffee from Colombia and Peru. Out of this world.

In the Cup

Caramel, Black cherry, Liquorice

Colombia & Peru
Drinking Guide:
A medium-dark roast coffee, great with milk.
The Good Stuff:
Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic, Fairtrade, SPP, CAFE Practices, Working with Extract 10+ years

About the coffee

Rocket Espresso is one of our longest-standing coffees, loved in cafes up and down the UK. We're stoked for you to purchase it as an espresso online, so that you can enjoy this popular espresso ground coffee at home now too. A heavy body, sweetness, bold mouthfeel and subtle fruit flavour. Ethically sourced, perfectly crafted and out of this world.

Meet the coffee farmer

Rocket Espresso roast is made from two direct-impact ethical coffees. We have direct relationships with these coffee farmers and are working together to positively impact their communities.

The first coffee is from the mountains of northern Peru, farmed by a group of smallholders working together in an organic cooperative, Sol y Cafe. We started working with this cooperative in 2015 and have seen coffee quality improve year on year.

The second coffee, the Colombian Marianela, hails from an estate owned by agronomist Hernan Dorronsoro and one of Extract's longest standing partnerships. We've been working with La Marianela for over 10 years! The farm's optimum altitude and reliable rainfall produces juicy coffee cherries and unbeatable flavour.

Meet the roaster

Rocket is always roasted on Bertha. A 120kg Probat roaster rescued from Bosnia in 2012. When we found Bertha, she was completely decommissioned, a pile of parts destined for scrap. Over four years we rebuilt this machine, retro-fitting an afterburner to eliminate VOCs from it's emissions and drastically improving fuel efficiency.

Today, Bertha runs on just 40% of her original fuel consumption - a beautiful and efficient machine.



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How to brew Rocket

A medium-dark roast coffee, great with milk.

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