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A Competition Catimor


We love a coffee with a story.

This year, the greatest story has been one of a Colombian coffee farm that took a leap with a Bristol coffee roaster. The result was a delicious coffee which against the odds stormed the UK Barista Championships and made it to the finals.

It’s cemented our belief that through collaboration, knowledge-sharing and willingness to take some measured risks together, we can…

Callum’s 2018 routine was no walk in the park and celebrates something we hold dear at Extract Coffee. A sustainable and meaningful relationship between a coffee farmer and roaster. For his competition coffee, Callum chose the La Marianela Espresso, a natural processed Catimor, born from a collaboration between the La Marianela farm and Extract Coffee.

A Catimor wouldn’t be the usual choice for competition coffee with most competitors favouring Geisha’s as did Callum last year with the Finca Santa Teresa Zorro Geisha. Callum’s unusual choice was commented on time and time again and his place in the final is proof that baristas can look beyond Geishas for competition coffees.

Extract Coffee have been working with La Marianela for over 7 years and during that time built a level of trust and respect with the farm that enabled this remarkable coffee.

Hernan wanted to create the in the cup profile of a natural processed coffee, but due to the farm having such high humidity, during the fermentation and drying process the coffee cherries would rot, significantly lowering the quality of the coffee.

Working together we came up with a solution. This coffee goes through a controlled 20-hour fermentation before being kiln dried. The kiln drying is the secret part of the process, so don’t expect much by way of detail from us.

The result? A good balance of flavours with the body and sweetness of a great natural. The espresso has a medium body with velvety mouthfeel on the first sip turning to syrupy with a smooth finish.

In the cup it’s ripe raspberries on first sip, then melted brown sugar, caramelised orange and 70% dark chocolate. In milk it softens to milk chocolate, late season British strawberries, Cornish vanilla ice cream and chopped walnuts.

La Marianela-3


La Marianela-2

Callum says:
“Working with La Marianela is the dream roaster / producer relationship. I speak regularly with Pablo and Hernan Dorronsoro over emails, phone and even Instagram. It’s fantastic to see so much passion from the La Marianela team for producing world-class coffees. Their new experimental lots are truly remarkable, we’re expecting to see more exciting processing and varietals exclusive to Extract coming from them soon.”

Callum Marianela 2018

Another year and another brilliant performance from Callum Parsons in the UK Barista Championships. We have been so proud to see him take this remarkable coffee through the South West heat with a staggering 535 point win then through to the semi-finals and final at The London Coffee Festival where he placed 4th in the country!

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