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Want to try a UKBC signature drink?


Have you watched barista competitions and thought, I really wanna taste that? Well, you aren't alone! We asked Callum to put his signature drink recipe down on paper so we could share it with you. With this one, you will not believe how much raspberry there is coming through until you have tried it! So over to Callum...


350ml Bruton Dairy Double Cream – to make your own butter!
5 shots Callum’s UKBC 2018 Competition Coffee
15ml filtered water – have you got a BWT Water Jug handy?
5g brown sugar


For my signature drink, I combined the classic French butter sauce, known as Burree Monte, or Monty Butter, and the Marianela kiln dried natural I used as my coffee for UKBC 2018.

First, you need to make fresh butter. I used Bruton Dairy’s incredible double cream, whisking 350ml in a Kitchenaid using the whisk attachment for 5 minutes, straining off the buttermilk as it separates. I then formed the fresh
butter into cubes which I chilled overnight.

I used an induction hob on stage for its precision and control.

I heated 15ml of filtered water and added 5g of soft brown sugar to create a syrup.

For the competition, I used 5 shots of the espresso but with 2 different roast profiles. For the sake of doing it at home, add 5 shots of Callum’s UKBC 2018 Competition Coffee (see below) to the pan.

Next carefully add 40g of the fresh butter, 10g at a time, agitating the pan to emulsify the liquid. Once emulsified, decant into 4 glasses.

Stir 5 times and enjoy!

Photo by Sean McGowen


Are you getting Raspberry Torte as well?

70% Dark Chocolate Ganache
Scottish Raspberries
Butterscotch – which takes the place of the sweet, buttery pastry

Photo by Sean McGowen

Let's get cracking!

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