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Funkin’ good summer espresso


You know by now that when the sun comes out, so does our Unkle Funka Summer Espresso. Each year we hunt for the funkiest natural process coffee we can find. In the words of co-founder Dave "it's not just funky, it's got to be 'mad as a bag of cats' funky."

We have continued the tradition for 2018 and we can tell you it's here, it's funkin' good and it has come from our friends at La Marianela Coffee, Colombia.

So what’s the coffee?

After the success of Callum’s Competition Coffee, we were stoked to be able to support the next crop using the same experimental process. This coffee helped Callum place 4th in the UK Barista Championships earlier this year and we’re stoked to be able to share even more of it with you!

Hernan & Pablo Doronosorro wanted to create a natural process coffee, but they were rotting due to the high altitude. After a visit to the farm, Dave suggested they use the amazing kilns they have on-site and together we came up with a plan.

The kiln-drying technique was developed to help La Marianela create a natural process coffee without the cherries rotting. To achieve this they ferment the cherriesand then turn on the kiln and begin the drying process. Any more detail than that…and we’d have to kill you. But seriously, the exact process is a carefully guarded secret!

This is only the second time they have employed their groundbreaking method and with every harvest, they will perfect it.

So, same varietal, same process but another chance to finesse an amazing coffee.

La Marianela Coffee Harvest Colombia Farmhouse

What’s different this time round?

We asked Pablo what the key differences were for this crop. As the process is refined, they’re making tweaks along the way to make and already amazing coffee even better. The main point of difference is the addition of another quality control point in the production chain. As well as checking by hand, post drying, they now have the ability to sort using water! This means they can be more efficient and reduce some of the more back breaking tasks for workers on the farm.

The benefits are more coffee can be sorted, and a lot faster allowing the farm to produce this coffee in larger quantities than before. The coffee can then be pumped to the kilns for drying. Before it would have been the task of 4 workers to carry anything from 8,000kg up to the kiln in the afternoon, a very tough job that took hours.

The kilns in which the coffee is dried have had some TLC as well. For the first crop, only the bottom floor of the kilns was benefiting from good hot air flow rendering the other two floors useless. After some modifications, Pablo is now using all three floors of their kilns and making way for a whole new kiln to be put in as well.


So what are you waiting for? Time to fill up the hopper with something really funkin' good all the way from our friends at La Marianela, Colombia. You could even have a go at the recipe for Callum's Signature Drink that he competed with in this years' UK Barista Championships!

However you serve it though, we guarantee this guy IS as funky as a bag of cats.

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