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Viva La Funka!

Suns out, guns out!

It’s that time of year again - people are wearing their shorts & sunnies and our Unkle Funka Summer Espresso is back in town.

Each year we hunt for the funkiest natural process coffee we can find. In the words of co-founder Dave "it's not just funky, it's got to be 'mad as a bag of cats' funky."

We’ve continued the tradition for 2019 and this year, our infamous Unkle Funka Espresso is made up of not one, but two coffee farms creating an exciting flavour profile to bring back the funk this summer!

“This Co-Op’s focus is on “mkulima kwanza” Swahili direct translation “farmers first.””

So, what’s the coffee?

The first coffee is a Tanzanian natural processed Kent & Bourbon. Hailing from Mkulima Kwanza, a fully registered Agricultural Marketing Co-Operative Society (AMCOS) based in Tanzania’s southern highland region of Songwe. In collaboration with Communal Shamba Coffee, Mkulima Kwanza has become the first and only Co-Op in southern Tanzania to specialise in processing non-washed Arabica coffees.

Founders of Communal Shamba Coffee have teamed up with fellow smallholder farmers in establishing Mkulima Kwanza but are also collaborating in producing and processing speciality coffee using an experimental approach, which will increase farmers’ premium prices, reduce production costs and increase quality from farm to cup. This Co-Op’s focus is on “mkulima kwanza” Swahili direct translation “farmers first”.

The Hama Cooperative is part of the wider Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, and is especially recognised for its dedication to quality. The union assists the co-op in processing coffee cherry both in the natural and washed methods. In particular, the Union provides additional sorting and milling in Addis Ababa prior to export. The coffee in this region is grown at high altitudes in iron-rich soils with a spread of genetic diversity provided by the heirloom varietals.

“Together these coffees showcase the natural process and its particular impact on East African coffees.

The Mkulima brings the vibrancy of crisp apple and sticky fig, whereas the Hama demonstrates a more traditional flavour profile of floral strawberry and stewed fruits.

In milk, this coffee transforms again and becomes indulgent and pudding-like, think apple strudel and creme caramel with notes of dark chocolate!”

Ashlee Eastwood-Quinn, Head of Coffee

So what are you waiting for? Time to fill up the hopper with something really funkin' good

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