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Winter drinks trends

Winter drinks trends

And just like that, Autumn arrived. Winter is coming and it's time to start getting cosy with winter drinks. 

Each year the Extract Coffee Roasters team, spend time looking at the latest industry trends for seasonal drinks to create a delicious menu of winter drinks ideas to share with the cafes, restaurants bars and hotels serving our coffee. 

If you're looking for winter drinks training for your team, take a look at our  Winter Drinks Power Up.


If you're just here for the mouthwatering drinks trends... keep on scrolling friends.

Spiced lattes are back

We love the warming vibes of spices like ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. Spiced drinks are right at the top of our Winter Drinks Trends for 2022 and 2023 and we've got four delicious drinks suggestions on our seasonal drinks menu for Autumn / Winter 2022 and 2023.

Spiced gingerbread latte

Extract Coffee Roasters Spiced Gingerbread Latte

This sweet and spicy latte is made using Extract Coffee Roasters espresso, Sweetbird gingerbread syrup and the milk or alt milk of your choice.

Golden milk

Extract Coffee Roasters Golden Milk Turmeric Coconut Latte

Golden Milk is another name for a turmeric latte. We've used Organic Turmeric Pure Powder from Zuma with steamed coconut milk, a dash of Sweetbird Cinnamon Syrup and a double shot of Extract Coffee Roasters espresso to make a delicious vegan drink. 

Chai latte

Masala chai has become increasingly popular in recent years. An aromatic blend of black tea and spices which originated in India. For our chai latte, we're using Minor Figures Oragnic Masala Chai concentrate, with the milk or alt milk of your choice. 

Tiramisu frappe

Extract Coffee Roasters Tiramisu Frappe

It might be a cold drink, but this frappe has all the joys of winter desserts. We've used Sweetbird vegan vanilla frappe powder, Extract Coffee Roasters espresso, sweetbird amaretto syrup, milk and chocolate powder to make this decadent winter frappe. 

Hot chocolates are more tempting than ever

This year we've been inspired to recreate our favourite winter desserts and treats within our hot chocolate menu. Think white chocolate after eights baked alaska and turkish delight.

Baked Alaska hot chocolate

Extract Coffee Roasters Baked Alaska Hot Chocolate

Extract dark hot chocolate is mixed with cherry syrup and amaretto syrup from sweetbird and the milk or alternative milk of your choice for this show-stopping hot chocolate.

Mint mocha

Extract Coffee Roasters Mint Mocha

Espresso from Extract Coffee Roasters is mixed with sweetbird mint syrup and Extract White Hot Chocolate to create this white-after-eight inspired hot chocolate.

Matcha white hot chocolate

Extract Coffee Roasters Matcha White Hot Chocolate

We've used Zuma organic matcha powder, Extract White Hot Chocolate and dairt milk to create this delicious white hot choc.

Turkish delight hot chocolate

Extract Coffee Roasters Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate

Extract Dark Hot Chocolate is mixed with milk or oat milk and sweetbird rose syrup to make this turkish-delight inspired hot chocolate.

Spiced teas and infusions

Warming spiced berry tea

Extract Coffee Roasters - Warming Spiced Berry Tea

In this delicious spiced tea, we've cold-brewed Extract Berry tea overnight, then steamed with a shot of cinnamon syrup from Sweetbird to serve. Delicious.

Rosy lemon tea

Extract Coffee Roasters Rosy Lemon Tea

We've cold-brewed Extract Ginger and Lemongrass tea overnight, then steamed with a shot of rose syrup from sweetbird and some fresh lemon juice to create a bright and rejuvenating tea for winter.

Extract Coffee Roasters offers free seasonal drinks training to all of our trade customers. If you'd like to learn how you can your team can make these delicious drinks for your customers, check out our Winter Drinks Power Up or get in touch with us to book a training session for your team.