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Liquidambar organic coffee farm

Delmy speaking at an Extract Coffee Roasters farmer talk

Liquidambar: Honduran Organic Coffee

Extract Coffee Roasters was one of the first coffee roasters in the UK to buy organic coffee from Liquidambar in Honduras, back in 2016. We’re still working together today, roasting its coffee in our Organic coffee and in our Betty espresso. We have even hosted Liquidambar's owner for farmer talks here in the UK.

Meet Delmy

Delmy Regalado is one of the owners of Liquidambar, an organic coffee farm in San Marcos, Honduras. Liquidambar began in 2015, so is still considered a relatively new farm. Extract Coffee Roasters has been buying its coffee and supporting the farm since year one.

In 2018 we hosted Delmy for a captivating farmers talk in London, and in 2021 she joined us for a webinar to discuss organic farming, climate change and gender equality in coffee.

An hour long conversation with Delmy. Grab a coffee and take a look.

Liquidambar is part of our Organic house espresso

Organic Coffee

Liquidambar is a wholly organic speciality coffee farm. The farm makes its own compost with the help of the Californian Red Worm, which acts as a pest control and strengthens the plant’s resilience against pests and disease.

Using their own compost prevents pollution of the farm’s waterways, and improves the quality of the soil and the quality and nutritional content of the coffee.

Female-grown coffee

Delmy was president of IWCA Honduras for 5 years, running projects and training programmes to support the financial independence of women in Honduran coffee-growing communities.

In 2021, we chose Liquidambar as the coffee producer for Betty, our seasonal International Women's Day coffee. We used this coffee as a platform to raise awareness of gender inequity in the coffee supply chain and hosted a video discussion with Delmy some of the challenges for women in Honduras.

You can Watch our video with Delmy here

Delmy speaking about gender equality in coffee-growing communities


For five years, Delmy was the president of The Honduras Chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) and is still heavily involved in the association. The IWCA is dedicated to strengthening the role of women in coffee production, processing and trading.

A key project has been training over 200 women in skills required in a range of coffee farming & business-related roles. These workshops have included barista courses, cupping, marketing, MS excel, farm certifications, project proposal methods, governance and financial literacy.

After its initial success, the chapter gained further support to develop on-farm training such as climate change adaptation, income diversification, temporary shade and distance cultivation.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted, but not defeated their work with two more projects now underway, a “Women in Coffee Success Stories” series, and a directory of women in coffee.

Delmy’s work with the IWCA has a direct impact on the lives & financial sustainability of women in Honduran coffee-growing communities.

Read more about how Extract supports female coffee growers.

Protecting natural forest

The farm is run in harmony with local communities and the natural environment.

25% of the farm is dedicated natural forest. Indigenous wildlife and water source on the farm are protected. The farm supplied fresh, clean water to more than 5000 people in nearby towns and villages.

25% of Liquidambar is left to natural forest

The impact of Climate change on coffee

Delmy has spoken openly about the effects of climate change at Liquidambar.

Warmer climates have resulted in more resistant diseases which can devastate harvests, forcing farmers to expand into higher altitudes (where possible) or, to abandon coffee and diversify into other crops.

Organic farming is part of the solution for the team at Liquidambar. The compost they use acts as a pest control and strengthens the plants’ resilience to disease.

Climate change means coffee plants are more prone to disease

Honey-Processed Coffee

Extract Coffee Roasters buys a honey-processed coffee. This means the fruit of the coffee cherries is left partially intact to impart rich, fruit flavours to the coffee. (vegan-friendly - no bees involved!)

This coffee is handpicked by skilled workers, who take care to only pick the ripest cherries. The skins are removed, leaving the mucilage or fruit of the cherry intact, the coffee is then dried for 12-15 days.

Social responsibility is also taken seriously. The farm employs skilled workers who are provided with housing, food, healthcare and competitive wages.

Buy Coffees From Liquidambar

You can buy organic coffee from Liquidambar in 250g and 1kg bags of our Organic Espresso, available in our online shop and as limited editions throughout the year.



  • Farm: Liquidambar
  • Varietals: Pacas, Catuai, Parainema and IHCafe 90
  • Process: Honey
  • Region: San Marcos
  • Country: Honduras
  • Altitude: 1530 metres
  • Certifications: Certified Organic - Soil Association
  • Working with Extract since 2016