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Rocket Espresso - Giotta Cronometro - Espresso Machine

The Rocket Espresso Giotto Cronometro R is a fantastic mid-range home espresso machine with plenty of style and good quality components.

if you’re looking to push yourself and your coffee further, then this is the machine for you. Here's what we love about it.

  1. Sleek design. With a full stainless steel body and slightly cocky shoulders, this eye-catching machine will shine in your kitchen. But that beautiful appearance also hides a few key features
  2. The roastery pump gives you more consistent pressure throughout the coffee extraction, has a longer expected lifespan and is quieter than the Appartamento’s vibration pump
  3. The 1.8L single boiler is fitted with an easily adjustable PID temperature controller for improved consistency across multiple shots of espresso
  4. The inbuilt espresso shot timer will help guide you to achieving the best extraction
  5. This machine can be plumbed in (please fit a water filter) meaning you can take advantage of the line pressure pre-infusion. This allows for even more experimentation in your brew
  6. Finally, the steam pressure is both powerful and incredibly smooth which makes your milk steaming really consistent. We really put it through its paces and struggled to make bad milk on it

Warranty Information

1 year on parts (non perishable)

Rocket Espresso - Giotto Cronometro R - Espresso Machine


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