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Rocket Fausto Domestic Coffee Grinder

This is the Faustino Coffee Grinder’s bigger brother and an epic coffee grinder to have in your home. We love the Rocket Espresso Fausto Coffee Grinder's polished silver chrome finish, which closely matches the all steel finish of the Rocket Espresso Giotto espresso machine so your home barista set up will look on point. The stepless grind adjustment knob is sensitive, but easy to get used to, and the small neck means there’s only a 10g retention between adjustments.

It's fast! With 65mm burrs it grinds 18g in around 7 seconds. The Rocket Espresso Fausto Coffee Grinder has three programmable doses which are simple to adjust up and down on the touchscreen. Top tip: dry fingers work best! It also has a 600g coffee hopper, and while it stands a little taller than the Faustino it has a more polished and traditional look, but with more power and speed.

Warranty Information

1 year on parts (non perishable)

Rocket Espresso Fausto Domestic Coffee Grinder


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