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Bunn ThermoFresh Server Digital 1.5 Gallon

We’re sure you’ll agree that filter coffee [link to filter coffee page of website] tastes best when it’s a) hot and b) fresh. Brew your filter coffee and keep it at its best-served temperature for hours without that burnt flavour associated with warming plates. The lack of heated plates means that it’s more energy efficient too – no hot surfaces to keep warm for hours on end each day. Available in 1 Gallon and 1.5 Gallon sizes, with either a Mechanical or Digital gague that lets you know how much coffee remains in the server. Perfect for busy service and high volumes of filter coffee or batch brew. 


Warranty Information

1 year on parts (non perishable)

Bunn ThermoFresh Filter Coffee Servers

£310.80 - £418.80
Price on request. Contact us to find out if this is the machine for you.

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