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Our mission is simple: to make coffee better.

We find the highest quality, best-tasting coffee beans which are carefully roasted to create the most delicious speciality coffees we can. It's the care and dedication to every aspect of our craft which make Extract's coffees taste better than anyone else's.

But making coffee better is about more than making better coffee. Truly ethical coffee is about making coffee better for people and planet. On this page, we explain the steps we're taking to roast ethically sourced coffee, which tastes good and does good.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the coffee growers we buy from, how we're making coffee better for the environment and how our Grounds Up charity collective. uses coffee to give others a leg up life.

Making Coffee Better
For Communities

Extract Coffee Roasters supports a collective of charity partners and community projects as part of our Grounds Up initiative.

We work closely with grass-roots charities helping people in our communities; the people on our doorsteps.

You can read more about who these organisations are and the work we do together, below.


Making Coffee Better
For coffee growers

We believe in building long-term, sustainable relationships with our coffee growers based on a quality-pays ethos. This means paying premiums higher than fair trade in return for exceptional quality coffee.

For more than a decade, we've been sharing knowledge and building relationships with farmers we are proud to call our friends.


Making Coffee Better
For the environment

It's not just about sourcing ethically, we believe in doing our bit to operate ethically here in the UK too.

This means recycling coffee waste into bio-fuels, a move to 100% recyclable paper cups, reducing emissions and salvaging old roasters from scrap, then lovingly restoring them to higher efficiency than when new.

Making Coffee Better for our planet