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All the flavour. Half the caffeine

There are moments that you want to enjoy a full and delicious cup of coffee, but with a lower dose of caffeine.

A caffeine headache is unpleasant for even the most seasoned of coffee drinkers and there are any number of reasons why you may wish to reduce or monitor your caffeine intake.

When we looked, we found very few low-caff coffees available. Even fewer which hit the mark in terms of flavour profile, quality and price point.

It was a challenge that we were most definitely up for.

Meet Half-Speed.

Low-caffeine coffees remain a rarity. Rarer still is 100% traceability to individual farms.

We hope that incredible tasting coffees like Half-Speed will change that and offer coffee lovers better choice and better quality coffee for any time of day.

If you’d like to get stuck straight in, a link to buy & details are just below, or you can keep reading to get the full story of the newest member of the Extract family.

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The story of Half Speed

Half-Speed was been championed by Dave and Tereza in the roastery who were looking for a lower caffeine coffee they could enjoy in the afternoons.

Last year in lockdown, they found the perfect balance in a three-part blend of 50% decaf, 30% washed and 20% natural coffee, all from a single farm; La Marianela in Cauca, Colombia.

“I love the taste of coffee but not necessarily the headaches that come with it. I’ve been on a hunt for low caffeine varietals (still not willing up to give up caffeine completely!) for a while, but they are rare and don’t come cheap.

Creating a half-caff blend with Dave was a perfect solution. It tastes great and I can drink loads of it while still being able to sleep at night.”

Tereza Nekvasilova

“On a unassuming late Wednesday afternoon deep in lock-down, an extremely small but perfectly formed team hatched a plan. To side step some the caffeine bumps and shakes gained by long term and extensive coffee sampling.

The idea was to build a kick-ass espresso – that can be enjoyed late into the day minus the wobbles.

We already had the building blocks. We had our goal:


How did we achieve this?


We looked three tasty coffees from one crazy good farm in Colombia worked out a blend, sorted the roast profile, sat back and sipped on the fame.”

Dave Faulkner

About the coffee

Half-Speed is a blend of three coffees from one of our longest-standing partnerships, La Marianela.

50% of Half-Speed is the coffee used in our Sugarcane Decaf. Coffee is grown on the farm, then soaked in locally grown, fermented sugarcane in nearby Pitalito to remove the caffeine.

This delicious decaf is blended with La Marianela’s washed coffee, which Extract fans will drink in blends like Rocket and Original, and their kiln-dried natural coffee which was an experimental lot between Extract & La Marianela. These coffees bring an intense sweetness of juicy nectarines and creamy almond butter to Half-Speed.

La Marianela is run by father and son team Hernan and Pablo Dorronsoro. Together they champion sustainable farming and produce incredible tasting coffee.

Hernan is a skilled agronomist with over 30 years of experience. His son, Pablo now manages the farm and we’ve been lucky enough to visit them and for them to visit us, here in the UK.

Over the past seven years, we have worked with Hernan and Pablo on experimental lots, varietals and new processing methods. The Sugarcane Decaf and Kiln Dried Natural coffees used in Half-Speed are examples of some of the fantastic coffees which we’ve been able to produce as a result of years of collaboration & knowledge sharing between Extract and La Marianela.

The farm is set on the western slopes of the Central Andes. Climate conditions here are perfect for coffee with high altitudes of 1700-1800 metres above sea level, stable temperatures and reliable rainfall throughout the season.

Coffee cherries are handpicked by skilled workers. Picking the cherries when perfectly ripe allows time for the natural sugars in the coffee to develop. This intense sweetness is highlighted in the roasting process.

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Half Speed 250g Retail Bag


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