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Half Speed. A low-caffeine espresso with creamy notes of cashew and a delicious nectarine sweetness.

In the Cup

Nectarine, Pistachio, Almond Butter

Brazil, Colombia
50% Water EA decaffeinated, 20% natural, 30% washed
Drinking guide:
Super versatile. Enjoy black, with milk or alt milk. For espresso try a brew ratio of 1:2 using 18g espresso and a shot time of 25 seconds.
The good stuff:
Protecting natural forest, Lower food miles, Working with Extract for 10 years+

Half Speed Low Caffeine Espresso

There are times when you want a full hit of coffee, but a lower dose of caffeine. It's for these moments that we've created Half-Speed. A low-caffeine espresso with creamy notes of cashew and a delicious nectarine sweetness.

A medium roast coffee, Half Speed tastes delicious as an espresso or as a lighter brew like filter or cafetiere. Great with milk and great without.

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Meet the growers 

Low-caffeine coffees remain a rarity. Rarer still is 100% traceability to individual farms. We're hoping that incredible tasting coffees like Half-Speed will change that and offer coffee lovers better choice and better quality coffee for any time of day.

Half-Speed is a blend of three coffees from two of our all-time favourite farmers.

First up is Extract Decaf decaf coffee, ethically sourced from a family run farm in Brazil and naturally decaffeinated using the Water EA decaffeination technique.

These delicious decaffeinated coffee beans are blended with two coffees from La Marianela in Colombia. A washed coffee, bringing an intense sweetness and La Marianela's kiln-dried natural process, which brings vibrancy and sparkling acidity.

How to brew Half-Speed

Half Speed Espresso has notes of sweet nectarine, pistachio & almond butter.

It becomes a sweet and creamy espresso with milk – think almond croissants and clotted cream!

Enjoy as an espresso using 18g coffee for 36ml liquid and a shot time of 25 seconds. We also enjoy Half Speed as a cafetiere using 50g coffee per 500ml water. Brew for four minutes, then plunge.

Meet the roaster

Half-Speed is roasted on Bertha. A 120kg Probat roaster rescued from Bosnia in 2012. When we found Bertha she was completely decommissioned, a pile of parts destined for scrap.

Over four years we rebuilt this machine, retro-fitting an afterburner to eliminate VOCs from its emissions and drastically improving fuel efficiency. Today, Bertha runs on just 40% of her original fuel consumption - a beautiful and efficient machine.

Half Speed Low-Caffeine


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