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Loads of us have got one, most of us have used one, but how many of us really know how to get the best out of one?

French Press, Cafetiere, ‘Plunger’. Whatever you call it, this beautifully simple brewing method is a staple in most homes.

Its merits are in its simplicity & accessibility. As a ‘full immersion’ brewing style, you get big, bold flavours in every cup which means it’s great for both filter roast and espresso roast coffees, and can be enjoyed black or with a splash of milk. It’s a low-cost bit of kit, easily found in local shops & online.

It might surprise you to know that it’s the go-to brew method for many of us at the roastery, including our co-founder, Dave. With minimal faff it simply lets the good beans speak for themselves.

Try our new limited edition Betty coffee in a cafetiere. It would definitely start any day off on the right footing as a no-fuss brew.


Minimal faff. Minimal set up. The simplest of them all.


– A Cafetiere / French Press
– A coffee grinder*
– Scales
– Timer
– Mug / Vessel of some kind
– Some epic coffee

*If you don’t have a coffee grinder, make sure the coffee you are using is ground for cafetiere – that’s a coarse grind size.

Step by Step


If you’re brewing for 2 people, you will need 35g of coffee, and 500ml water. Aim for a coarse grind.

A heaped dessert spoon is approximately 7g of coarse-ground coffee, so if you don’t have scales to hand, one spoonful per 100ml of water is a good approximation.

Using the same amount and grind size of coffee is key to getting your brew tasting consistently good. Have a look at our Golden Rules blog post to find out more.


Cafetiere Brew Guide Pour

Pour the full 500ml onto the coffee grounds gently and slowly. Try to make sure that the water soaks all of the coffee grounds as you pour. You want to avoid a patch of dry grounds floating on the top.

Stir to make sure the coffee and water are fully incorporated & set your timer for 4 minutes.


Cafetiere Brew Guide Stir

After 1 minute, agitate and stir the grounds that have settled on the surface of the water.

Stirring at this point, re-introducing any coffee grounds which have floated to the surface into the body of water. This means all of your coffee will extract equally.

Wait for a further 3 minutes.


Cafetiere Brew Plunge

After 4 minutes total brew time, pop the plunger and lid onto the pot of coffee and slowly press down. You shouldn’t feel too much resistance.

Serve into mugs or cups. Serving the coffee immediately, rather than leaving it sat in the pot will reduce the amount of coffee fines (or sludge) in the bottom of your cup.


As simple as that. Don't forget to share your successes with us online @extractcoffee we're on twitter, instagram and facebook.

Our favourite coffees for a cafetiere brew

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