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Ipanema Plum Gold Filter Coffee - Extract Coffee Roasters

In the Cup

Stone Fruits, Cola & Jasmine

Rio Verde
Sul De Minas, Brazi
Anaerobic Natural
Good stuff:
The Premier Cru project exemplifies Ipanema's commitment to quality and innovation in Brazilian specialty coffee.
Drinking Guide:
In a Clever Dripper, use 60g coarsely ground coffee per litre of filtered water. Brewed for 3:30 minutes

This Yellow Bourbon filter coffee is of exceptional quality and really pushes the boundaries of what speciality coffee in Brazil can offer.

With intensely sweet notes of stone fruit and cola, plus a touch of soft jasmine as it cools, this is a coffee you have to try.

About Rio Verde and Ipanema Gourmet Estate

Located in the middle of the Mantiqueira mountain range, Ipanema Gourmet Estate’s oldest farm, Rio Verde, is a natural sanctuary. High altitudes and a challenging landscape mean almost all of the operations on the farm are carried out by hand.

In 2018, Ipanema introduced the “Premier Cru” range, a carefully selected range of small batch lots, grown at the highest point on the farm. These coffees are nitrogen-flushed for optimal freshness, a cutting-edge method that is practically unheard of when it comes to green coffee storage, even in speciality.

Releasing a new coffee each year, each micro lot is graded as Black, Gold, or Blue edition, reflecting taste, complexity and rarity. This particular Ipanema Plum Gold is an exceptional 100% Yellow Bourbon processed using dry anaerobic fermentation.

The coffee is handpicked and then processed using the natural method with a dry anaerobic fermentation for 106 hours.

The cherries are dried on patios for 23 hours and in vertical driers for an additional 115 hours before being stored and shipped to us for the final stage of roasting.

Why we love Ipanema Plum Gold Filter

The Ipanema Gourmet Estate has taken an innovative and creative approach to coffee production since the 1870’s.

This creative approach is really celebrated in this coffee. From the Premier Cru project to the use of anaerobic fermentation and vertical driers to nitro-flushing the green coffee in storage - this incredible coffee embodies Ipanema's commitment to coffee innovation.

Best of all, it tastes phenomenal. Enjoy coffee lovers!

How to brew Ipanema Plum Gold Filter

We really enjoyed using a Clever Dripper for this coffee. Use 60g coarsley ground coffee per litre of hot, filtered water and brew for 3:30 minutes in your Clever Dripper before dropping.

Meet the roaster

Ipanema Plum Gold Filter is roasted by our Head Roaster, Tommy, on Betty, a 1955 Probat drum roaster which has been modernised and lovingly rebuilt by the team at Extract Coffee Roasters.

Ipanema Plum Gold Filter


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How to brew Ipanema Plum Gold Filter

In a Clever Dripper, use 60g coarsely ground coffee per litre of filtered water. Brewed for 3:30 minutes

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