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    1. Extract Loves Millican

      Extract Loves Millican

      What goes hand-in-hand with adventure? Coffee, naturally! At least we think so. When our friends at Millican told us they wanted to create coffee collab with us, we jumped at the opportunity to get…
    2. Extract Hot Chocolate Recipes

      Extract Hot Chocolate Recipes

      As temperatures drop, heat up with our delicious hot chocolate recipes. Our Extract Hot Chocolate [link to Extract Hot Chocolate] is Vegan certified and made using Fairtrade sugar. Not to mention,…
    3. Winter Coffee and Hot Drink Recipes

      Winter Coffee and Hot Drink Recipes

      Beat the big chill with our pick of the best winter warmers. We've faced up to the facts – winter is coming. Luckily, we’ve forward-planned and have prepared some new winter drinks for you to try.…
    4. Extract Loves London Coffee Festival

      Extract Loves London Coffee Festival

      More than a decade of coffee expertise waits for you at the London Coffee Festival. [link to London Coffee festival site] Set in the cavernous Truman Brewery in East London, this event showcases th…
    5. Extract White Hot Chocolate Recipes

      Extract White Hot Chocolate Recipes

      When the nights are getting longer and more evenings are spent inside, we've got the perfect treat: Extract White Hot Chocolate [link to white hot chocolate here]. It's richer, creamier with more c…
    6. Extract Loves Yoga

      Extract Loves Yoga

      Wake up and smell the coffee. The whirr of the grinder. The smell of the brew. It's not just the caffeine, the very process of making yourself a coffee awakens the senses. Brewing up a coffee ca…
    7. Extract Loves Radek's Chocolate

      Extract Loves Radek's Chocolate

      Cashews, chocolate and coffee – all in one place? When Bristol-based Radek's Chocolate [link to Radek's Chocolate] approached us about a cashew mocha chocolate recipe using one of our fav…