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​Cafetière coffee brewing guide

​Cafetière coffee brewing guide

Coffee brewing method: Filter coffee / Immersion
Skill level: Easy

French Press; cafetière or plunger. Loads of us have got one, most of us have used one, but how many of us really know how to get the best out of a cafetière?

A simple coffee brewing method

This beautifully simple brewing method is a staple in most homes, and its merits are in its simplicity and accessibility. As a ‘full immersion’ brewing style, you get big, bold flavours in every cup. It’s a low-cost bit of kit, easily found in-store and online.

Kit list:

  • A cafetière / French Press
  • Coffee grinder if your using whole bean coffee.*
  • Scales
  • Timer (your phone will do it) 
  • Your favourite mug or cup
  • Some truly epic coffee

*If you don't have a coffee grinder at home, make sure you buy coffee which is pre-ground for cafetiere. This should be a coarse grind, not fine like espresso.

Cafetière Coffee Brewing Method

1. Weigh and grind

If you’re brewing for two people, you will need 35g of coarsely ground coffee and 500ml water. 

Using the same amount and grind size of coffee is key to getting your brew tasting consistently good.

2. Water

Pour the full 500ml onto the coffee grounds gently and slowly. 

Try to make sure that the water soaks all of the coffee grounds as you pour to avoid patches of dry grounds floating on the top.

Stir to make sure the coffee and water are fully incorporated and set your timer for four minutes.

3. Stir

After one minute, agitate and stir the grounds that have settled on the surface of the water.

Stirring at this point will re-introduce any coffee grounds that have floated to the surface into the water body. This means all of your coffee will extract equally.

Wait for a further three minutes.

4. Plunge

After four minutes of total brew time, pop the plunger, lid onto the pot of coffee and slowly press down. You shouldn’t feel too much resistance. Serve by pouring directly into your vessel. Serving the coffee immediately, rather than leaving it sat in the pot, will reduce the number of coffee fines (or sludge!) in the bottom of your cup.

Cafetière FAQ

What coffee should I use in a cafetière?

The cafetiere is a super versatile brew method and works with pretty much any coffee. If you enjoy your coffee black, we'd recommend trying some of our lighter roast espressos and filter coffees. If you prefer your coffee with milk, you might want to check out some of our medium roast espressos or our selection of coffees which taste great with alternative mylks. 

What filter should I use in a cafetière?

Cafetière brewing doesn't require a filter – the inbuilt metal mesh in the disk filters the coffee as you pour from it. Give the filter a rinse separately from the glass or metal container that houses it to get rid of stray coffee grounds. 

Where can I buy a cafetière?

Any good kitchen shop will sell a cafetière, they come in different sizes depending on whether you want a solo brew, or enough coffee for the whole family. Supermarkets, some cafes and speciality coffee shops are also a good place to look.