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Half Speed low caffeine coffee

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Meet Half Speed: Full Coffee flavour with Half the Caffeine

There are moments that you want to enjoy a full and delicious cup of coffee, but with a lower dose of caffeine. A caffeine headache is unpleasant for even the most seasoned of coffee drinkers (and an occupational hazard in our line of work) plus there many reasons why you may choose to reduce or monitor your caffeine intake.

Epic tasting low-caffeine coffees remain a rarity. Rarer still is 100% traceability to individual farms.

Our roastery team rose to the challenge and (we think) smashed it out of the park with this delicious low-caffeine coffee.

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Take a look at our online shop to buy your bag of Half Speed half-caffeine espresso or our house Decaf coffee. Looking for something with a little more kick? There's plenty of caffeine there too!


How we created Half Speed, our low caffeine espresso

Half-Speed was the brain-child of Co-founder, Dave and a member of our roastery team, Tereza.

Both were looking for a lower caffeine coffee they could enjoy in the afternoons. They found the perfect balance in a three-part blend of 50% decaf, 30% washed and 20% natural coffee. Here's how they did it.

"On an unassuming late Wednesday afternoon deep in lock-down, a small but perfectly formed team hatched a plan. To side step some the caffeine bumps and shakes gained by long term and extensive coffee sampling.

The idea was to build a kick-ass espresso – that can be enjoyed late into the day minus the wobbles.

We already had the building blocks and one, clear goal.

Co founder, Dave Faulkner roasting on Bertha, our vintage roaster.

Half the kick. All the punch.

How did we achieve this?


We looked three tasty coffees from one crazy good farm in Colombia worked out a blend, sorted the roast profile, sat back and sipped on the fame.” "

Dave Faulkner, Co Founder


Half-Speed is a blend of three coffees from one of our longest-standing partnerships, La Marianela.

50% of Half-Speed is the coffee used in our Sugarcane Decaf coffee. Coffee is grown on the farm, then soaked in locally grown, fermented sugarcane in nearby Pitalito to remove the caffeine.

Extract Coffee Roasters delicious house decaf is blended with La Marianela’s washed coffee, which Extract fans will drink in blends like Rocket and Original.

Half Speed - an epic flat white, for any time of day.

Dave with Pablo Dorronsoro at La Marianela

The final piece in the puzzle was some of La Marianela's kiln-dried natural coffee. This was an experimental lot between Extract & La Marianela and has been used in limited edition coffees like Funka.

These coffees bring an intense sweetness of juicy nectarines and creamy almond butter to Half-Speed.

La Marianela is run by father and son team Hernan and Pablo Dorronsoro. Together they champion sustainable farming and produce incredible tasting coffee. You can read their growers story, here.