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In the Cup

Black: White peach, almond & raw honey Milk: Pistachio ice cream & amaretti

Terrazu, Costa Rica
Catuai & Caturra
Drinking Guide:
18g in, 36g out - 33 second shot time

This unique Costa Rican espresso is a testament to the expertise and passion of the female members of the Coope Dota. It is full of honey sweetness and delicate peach notes as an espresso. Prefer a flat white? Enjoy flavours of pistachio ice cream and amaretti - did someone say summer?

I want to learn more:

In the small town of Santa Maria de Dota, in the well-known coffee-growing region of Tarrazu, is the coffee processing mill Coope Dota. Here they are doing an outstanding job of supporting small growers as well as holding the title as the first coffee processor in the world to be certified as carbon neutral.

This particular espresso has come from a women’s only lot selected from the 300 female members who came together to create their own coffee.

Women have been part of Coope Dota since the beginning. The quality of the coffee has always been in the hands of women - picking the coffee, drying the coffee and preparing the coffee, so it’s no wonder that the quality of this particular espresso is so high.

The cherries are delivered to a dedicated receiving station, ensuring meticulous separation and traceability. After a 24-hour resting period, the cherries are pulped and then the beans are carefully sun-dried on a patio to achieve the perfect drying consistency.

How to brew

Try 18g finely ground coffee in for 36g out and a shot time of 33 seconds.

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Mujer Espresso


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How to brew Mujer Espresso

18g in, 36g out - 33 second shot time

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