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Blood Orange & Toffee

November Roaster's Choice:
Lot 20 Filter
Kericho county, Rift Valley, Kenya
Drinking Guide:
We love brewing this coffee using an aeropress to really bring out its creamy body. Try using 14g of coffee for every 200 ml of filtered water.
Good Stuff:
Passionate about cultivations, fair treatment of farmers and transparent trade

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A Roaster's Choice Filter subscription is a delicious way to discover new filter coffees to try. Roaster's Choice Filter is best for coffee drinkers who enjoy lighter roast coffees without milk. These coffees are available as whole bean or ground for espresso, a filter brewer, or for cafetiere.

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November's Roaster's Choice Filter is Lot 20 Filter from Kenya

IN THE CUP: Blood Orange & Toffee

If you love the heady fruit notes and intense sweetness that comes with Kenyan coffees, you’re going to love this big juicy filter from the Rift Valley in Kenya.

More about Lot 20 Filter

Boasting some of the first coffee farms in Kenya, Kericho county has a long standing history of coffee growing. However, despite this, the area is not as well known for producing coffee as central Kenya.

Lot 20 was founded in 2019 to help coffee producers from around the Kericho and Bomet counties sell more of their incredible coffee.

This particular coffee is grown by individual smallholders, then delivered to a centralised mill where it is sorted, depulped to remove the skins, and washed to remove the sticky mucilage of the coffee cherry from around the bean.

The result of this processing technique is a clean, bright coffee with plenty of sweetness, in this case mouth watering citrus acidity and smooth toffee-sweetness.

The coffee is sun-dried on African raised beds before being prepared for export and sent to us for roasting.

Why we love Lot 20

Lot 20 helps Kericho and Bomet farmers to process and sell their coffee independently and without the need for a middleman, so that the region can regain its status as a top coffee producer.

Lot 20 has established a nursery alongside their mill in Sossiot to support the local community and encourage coffee cultivation as a source of income for younger generations.

We love that Lot20 is going above and beyond to support the local communities of Kericho and Bomet in a holistic way.

The people working with them are fairly paid for their produce and labour and employees are given financial education. Lot 20 has also created water resources for both processing and community use in each location and the nursery has donated 50,000 plants to the local community to create opportunities for locals to grow and sell their own crops.

How to brew Lot 20 Filter coffee.

We love brewing this coffee using an aeropress to really bring out its creamy mouthfeel.

Try using 14g of coffee for every 200 ml of filtered water.

How does a Roaster's Choice Filter coffee subscription work?

Choose your grind, size and frequency

Let us know if you would like your coffee as whole beans, ground of espresso, for a filter machine or for a cafetiere. Let us know whether you'd like your filter coffee delivered in 250g or 1kg bags and how frequently you would like your delivery. 

Try a new single origin filter coffee every month

Each month the roastery team at Extract Coffee Roasters selects a brand new single origin filter for that month's Roaster's Choice. 

The roastery team choose coffees from different countries, with different processes and different roast profiles so a Roaster's Choice Filter subscription is a great way to experience a wide variety of lighter roast coffees and discover just how different coffees can be!

You can buy our Roaster's Choice Filter by the bag, or can subscribe to have your coffee delivered to you automatically. 

Please note, that the coffee changes monthly, so if you select a weekly delivery you will receive the same filter coffee for the entire month until the next Roaster's Choice is selected. The benefit of a weekly subscription is that your coffee will always be freshly roasted when it arrives.

High quality, speciality grade coffee

The coffees selected are of incredible quality. Each Single-Estate filter is speciality grade, scoring 80 points or higher out of a possible 100. 

The coffees chosen for Roaster's Choice Filter Coffee will be worth at least £11.95 per 250g or more. 

Ethically sourced single-origin coffees

Each month your Roaster's Choice Filter coffee comes with an info card telling the grower story and explaining how the coffee is grown and processed. The coffees are ethically sourced, meaning that the farmers are paid quality-based premiums which exceed Fairtrade and organic prices.

Roaster's Choice Filter

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5 units

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How to brew Roaster's Choice Filter

We love brewing this coffee using an aeropress to really bring out its creamy body. Try using 14g of coffee for every 200 ml of filtered water.

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