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San Remo – Zoe



Following a 3 day visit to SAN REMO HQ in Treviso, Italy by Marc Richards, an ECR Director, our resident machine expert introduces the new ZOE by way of a few simple facts:

Name: ZOE
Designer: Carlo De Sordi
Made by: Sanremo S.R.L.
Location: Treviso, Italy

Groups: 2, thinking about 3….
Colours: Red/White, Black/White, All Black, Purple/White

What I like about ZOE:

The ZOE is calibrated to offer drink output at, or close to, 91°C, enabling non TCS baristas to produce more consistent results.

ZOE turns heads and stands out from the crowd, no more stainless steel clad box like machines but a series of striking lines built to make sense when working with and on it.

The price; the Zoe has to be considered as the best looking and best equipped machine for its price.

For the full specification sheet and more information on pricing please email us: or call the roastery on 01454 228 457

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