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If you’ve ever been to the Extract roastery, you’ll be well aware of our general love of stickers. Oh boy, we cannot get enough of a good sticker! This makes working with our friends at StickerApp all the more fun. And if their goods weren’t enough, they’re also a totally rad bunch, and we wanna tell you all about them…

StickerApp are based in Sweden and came about when a group of kitesurfer friends realised they wanted to start making stickers. Their office is one we’d be happy to visit any day – wall-to-wall covered in some of their favourite stickers that have been produced over the years, a dog who mooches about, and an all-day ABBA singalong blasting out of the Production Room… So maybe it’s not so dissimilar to our roastery after all!

Staying true to their kiteboarding roots, the StickerApp team take the opportunity to get out on the water at the first hint of a decent swell. Even the IT team will pack up into a VW camper to surf for a few days, hitting the waves from dawn to dusk, then coding once the sun goes down. #dream.

With those long days out at sea, it’s easy to assume why the StickerApp team love their jobs so much. However it’s actually their passion for stickers which make those office days just as enjoyable. The range and versatility of the artwork has the whole team amazed, from a satirical tongue-in-cheek one-off design, to fun corporate campaigns* – StickerApp get to see them all!

*for example a certain Strong Man Espresso campaign complete with awesome stickers!

“Stickers can be powerful, moving and intelligent. The possibilities are limitless and that’s what keeps working with stickers so interesting.”
– Amity, StickerApp Team

The passion for their work and their inspiring work/life balance has seen StickerApp continue to go from strength-to-strength. They’re no doubt some of the coolest cats around and we’re stoked that we get to work with them. Here’s to getting an Extract x StickerApp Exchange Program on the table!
Find out more about StickerApp:
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