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Office coffee just got a whole lot better


Is your office looking for better coffee?

40% of us say that decent office coffee is a leading contributor to how happy we are at work (read more).

Some research even suggests that if every employee had access to a decent workplace coffee solution, the UK would be a whopping £42 billion richer as a result of increased productivity. (Hell yeah – check it out!)

Which is why we’re totally stoked to be launching a new office coffee subscription service. Ethically sourced, speciality, arabica coffee delivered to your desks.

Offices and teams can now subscribe to kilo bags of Extract Coffee Roaster’s hero coffees. Original, Organic, Cast Iron, Strangelove and Swiss Water Decaf are all available.

“Good quality, ethically sourced, delicious and arrives on time.”

Subscriber feedback, March 2017

Choose your office coffee

We decided to launch the service after getting a huge number of requests from small offices and teams looking for a better coffee solution.

Coffee is freshly roasted to order and ground at request. So whatever your office brew method, from espresso machines, to cafetieres, everyone is catered for. Offices can order between 1kg and 6kg, delivered free weekly, fortnightly, every three weeks or monthly. No need to remember to reorder – no more running out of coffee.

Sound flippin’ delicious? You bet it is. Sign your office up today.

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