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For June the Sustainable Restaurant Association are asking everyone to celebrate their local suppliers. Did you know that restaurants and hospitality account for half the country’s spending on food? That’s means we have an amazing opportunity to make an impact on UK food culture.

• Social share pictures of your menu with locally sourced items
• Celebrate your local suppliers with pictures of their produce made into your delicious food and drinks
• Add in #WeServeLocal so you can join in the conversation

We serve local in the roastery

We’re going to take the chance to big up local restaurant The Cauldron who supply us with delicious lunches for our visitors. These guys really are something else! Everything they make is cooked on charcoal & beech logs in a bespoke kitchen to heat cast iron cauldrons, a Victorian Swedish stove and a wood-fired oven. They are the UK’s first solid fuel restaurant in over 100 years.

Even more incredible is that most of their suppliers are just 998m away from their door, including us. It’s not just the ingredients that they source locally though; their tupperware, stationary, furniture, recycling, accountancy and much more is all from this impressive 998m radius. Some of their suppliers are from further afield, but all still within the 50 mile guideline set for #WeServeLocal.

So we take our hats off to these guys for their impressive commitment to sustainability and to making delicious lunches that keep us and our guests going.

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