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Behind Roastery Doors

    1. Extract Loves Radek's Chocolate

      Extract Loves Radek's Chocolate

      Cashews, chocolate and coffee – all in one place? When Bristol-based Radek's Chocolate [link to Radek's Chocolate] approached us about a cashew mocha chocolate recipe using one of our fav…
    2. Extract Loves the Do Lectures

      Extract Loves the Do Lectures

      The idea of the DO Lectures [link to DO Lecture website] is a simple one: to gather together the world's do-ers, disruptors and change-makers, experts and pioneers, to share their stories, and enco…
    3. Extract Loves Do Books

      Extract Loves Do Books

      Ever thought about doing 'something'? Sometimes, between thinking and doing, that something gets lost. Other times, we are so focused, so engrossed in the flow of our lives, we forget to take a moment…
    4. ​Black Friday Deals and Extract Coffee Roasters

      ​Black Friday Deals and Extract Coffee Roasters

      Our coffee is ethically sourced, roasted by hand and crafted with passion and care. Care for the environment, for the farmers, for baristas and for you, our customers. We care about our customers…
    5. Finca La Casiana

      Finca La Casiana

      As with many exemplary coffee farms, Finca La Casiana is set amongst breathtaking views, this time in Colombia. It’s a farm that’s been making coffee since 1987, and we think the beans that we source…
    6. Extract loves organic cotton Tshirts

      Extract loves organic cotton Tshirts

      Extract Coffee Roasters organic cotton t-shirts made by TeemillAll of our organic cotton, ethical t-shirts are printed by green fashion company, Teemill, also known as, Rapanui. We chose the…
    7. Recycling coffee chaff as a garden compost

      Recycling coffee chaff as a garden compost

      Coffee chaff is a great byproduct of roasting coffee beans that can create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. As well as recycling a waste product that would otherwise be thrown away, it’s a c…
    8. Rescuing Bertha

      Rescuing Bertha

      How we rescued and rebuilt a vintage roaster from Bosnia. The restoration of Betty, our vintage Probat roaster, was transformational. In 2010 her arrival reduced our roasting schedule from 8 roas…