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In the Cup

Fruit loaf, cocoa, caramel. Enjoy black or with milk

Washed & Water EA Decaffeination
How to brew:
Enjoy black or with milk. Place the bag in a cup & cover with hot water. Jiggle the bag to infuse. Brew for 5 minutes. Squeeze & remove bag.
The good stuff:
100% compostable coffee bags for speciality coffee anywhere


Enjoy delicious decaf coffee anywhere with this pack of 16 compostable decaf coffee bags.

Extract Coffee Roasters - Decaf Coffee Bags Pack of 16

A more developed roast profile means this coffee can be enjoyed black or with a splash of milk or alt-milks. We love its rich chocolatey flavours and caramel sweetness.


Extract Coffee Bags were designed to be an easy, lightweight way to enjoy incredible speciality coffee wherever you may go.

From beachside brews to busy offices, holiday hotel rooms to the kitchens of much-loved friends and relations. Extract coffee bags have brought moments of caffeinated joy in all sorts of wonderful places.

Extract Coffee Bags

This pack contains 16 single-serve compostable coffee bags.

The coffee has been carefully roasted to give a well-balanced and delicious cup of coffee - which can be enjoyed at home, at work, or on the move. Extract Brazilian Coffee Bags can be enjoyed black or with milk.

The coffee is ground and weighed at a ratio designed to make the perfect brew in your favourite mug, then packed into nitro-flushed wraps to keep the coffee fresh and delicious.

  • Better flavour - Speciality grade coffee.
  • Better sourcing - Single origin coffees with 100% traceability.
  • Less mess - No grounds. Just a bag.
  • Less hassle - Dunk, brew, enjoy.
  • Less equipment : Mug, kettle, spoon - done.
  • Less waste: Compostable bag and recyclable packaging.

Extract Decaf Coffee Bags


The coffee in our decaf coffee bags is ethically sourced from a single-estate in Brazil and naturally decaffeinated using the Water EA method.

Green coffee beans are soaked in water and steamed to open the pores of the coffee bean. Next, the beans are soaked and washed in an ethyl acetate solution, a natural compound made from fermented fruits and sugarcane. Over multiple washing and soaking cycles, the caffeine molecules bond to the ethyl acetate molecules. Leaving behind coffee beans without the caffeine.

Finally, the coffee is steamed to remove any remaining EA solution, then dried, cooled and put through a final quality control check before coming to us for roasting.

HOW TO BREW Extract Coffee Bags

Just dunk the compostable bag in hot water, jiggle or stir to help infuse the coffee, brew for five minutes & enjoy.

No equipment, no cleanup, just great coffee.


Once brewed, the coffee bags, string and tag are fully compostable and can be added to home compost or in with your food waste.

The wraps are made from recyclable PPE and can be recycled along with your carrier bags at the local supermarket.

The boxes are cardboard and can go in your cardboard recycling.

Decaf Coffee Bags (pack of 16)

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