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Extract Decaf Espresso. Ethically sourced and fully traceable speciality coffee.

In the Cup

Fruit Loaf, Cocoa & Caramel

Washed & Water EA Decaffeinated
Drinking Guide:
A truly epic decaf. Great with milk as an espresso or cafetiere
The Good Stuff:
Naturally decaffeinated, sustainable farmed with care for the environment

About Extract Decaf

This epic decaf coffee was made using a natural decaffeination method known as Water EA and is ethically sourced from a single estate in Brazil.

It has rich chocolatey flavours, a caramel sweetness and a subtle hint of fruit-loaf. Delicious with milks and alternative-milks it offers a fantastic flavour with zero compromise.

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About Water EA Decaffeination

Water-EA-decaffeination is a natural decaffeination method. It preserves the integrity of the green coffee beans. When roasted, it results in a decaf coffee which is almost unrecognisable from its fully caffeinated counterparts.

The decaffeination process starts by soaking green coffee beans in water, then steaming it for about 30 minutes. This process expands the coffee cells and opens the pores of the coffee bean, making it possible to extract the caffeine.

Next, the beans are soaked and washed in an ethyl acetate solution to remove the caffeine. The ethyl acetate is a natural compound made by fermenting fruits and sugarcane. Over multiple washing and soaking cycles, the caffeine molecules leave the coffee beans through the cell membranes and bond to the ethyl acetate molecules. Leaving behind coffee beans without the caffeine.

Then the coffee is steamed to removes the EA, then dried, cooled and put through a final quality control check before coming to us for roasting.

Meet the grower

This delicious decaf coffee is from Fazenda São Judas Tadeu, a farm owned by Leandro César Natal in Alto Paranaíba, Brazil.

Leandro took on Fazenda São Judas Tadeu in the late 2000s and manages the farm with respect for the environment and biodiversity of the local area.

Leandro exclusively uses mineral fertilisers and leaves the rows between the coffee plants as natural as possible, leaving leaf litter to decompose, for example. These practices not only support biodiversity, but also bring numerous benefits to the soil.

Meet the Roasters

Our tasty Decaf coffee is roasted on Bertha, a 120kg Probat roaster which we rescued from Bosnia in 2012.  When we found her, Bertha was completely decommissioned, a pile of parts destined for scrap.

Over four years we rebuilt this machine, retro-fitting an afterburner to eliminate VOCs from it’s emissions and drastically improving fuel efficiency. Today, Bertha runs on just 40% of her original fuel consumption - a beautiful and efficient machine.



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How to brew Decaf

A truly epic decaf. Great with milk as an espresso or cafetiere

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