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Cast Iron dark roast espresso coffee. Ethically sourced coffee from a single estate in Guatemala.

In the Cup

Black Cherry & Cocoa

Blue Ayarza, Guatemala
Catuai, Anacafe 14, Pache, Bourbon, San Ramon
Drinking Guide:
18g finely ground coffee in, for 36g espresso out (a double shot) and a shot time of 25 to 30 seconds.

About the Coffee

At Extract, we’re specialists in curating flavour. We’re constantly seeking the finest beans and tweaking parameters to create that perfect cup profile. 

Cast Iron, our darkest roast espresso, packs a real punch of big bold sweet flavours that pairs perfectly with milk. Just like our cast iron Probat roasters, this house coffee delivers consistency and reliability shot after shot, with big chocolatey flavours and a subtle cherry-like finish.

More about Cast Iron

This particular single-origin coffee comes from the cherry processing mill in Ayarza, Santa Rosa, Guatemala. The region of Ayarza is a special one, landmarked by the drastic landscape and cold blue water from the Laguna de Ayarza and Laguna Azul.

Working with several smallholders, Ayarza pays a premium for the coffee cherries, processing them centrally to maintain strict standards, resulting in a very high-quality product.

Franciso Nájera, one of the local producers, has been working in coffee production for over 15 years and has excelled in his business despite the constant threat of coffee diseases.

Meet the Roasters

Cast Iron is an ode to our vintage roaster, Betty, a 1955 Cast Iron Probat Roaster found in Cardiff in 2010 and lovingly brought back to life through a series of restorations by Co-Founder David Faulkner.

Betty's most recent restoration throughout 2018 and 2019 made further improvements on her efficiency and will keep this iconic machine running for many more years to come.

Read more about the history of our Cast Iron Espresso.

Cast Iron


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How to brew Cast Iron

18g finely ground coffee in, for 36g espresso out (a double shot) and a shot time of 25 to 30 seconds.

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